Day 33

Good morning journey companion,

This past week I got served some serious humble pie. Not only did it get served to me, I ate the whole pie, and even felt myself grow.

The painful truth is that we never know what God is doing. We often mis interpret His message to us and we even get prideful when someone tries to help us navigate some situations (well I know I do).

As my pride meter showed itself during last week. It gave me very a temperature read that I wasn’t happy about. I had called my phone a friend people to get perspective. I prayed for insight and guidance. I experienced offense and discontentment. I refused to let it sit with me for a while but also needed a sounding board to process.

It took me three hours to get this completely out of my sister which I must admit is growth. The idea that the next day it still rubbed me little wrong showed me that even though I have grown God is asking me to grow some more.

God is bringing me to a level in my life that my desires are shifting. My desire to be in the background is shifting to accepting being on the front lines and supporting the background. What a mind shift what a difference for me to experience life in. Honestly my mind has been completely blown.

I say all this to say when I began praying this circle I was asking God to help me in these specific areas: lead with love, find my identity, ministry, marriage, relationships, parenting, living situation, trust, hope, faith, and compassion. I find the common thread of this is finding God’s love for me and becoming more like Jesus.

Today I pray boldly for you and your circle. I pray asking God to show you where you need to be stretched and help you accept the stretching. I pray God continue to reveal himself in you creating a revival that sets your soul on fire.

I pray that when God ignites new things in your life that you give him all glory. I pray that you let pride fall to the ground and you pick up humility and truth with wisdom and grace.

Father God I am so grateful you love us enough to give us perspective and help us transform. I pray that as we move in your way direction you shine bright for us to all. I pray your holy will in every moment of our lives. In the mighty name of Jesus amen.

Published by Krys Grant-Ray

Hello, my name is Krys Grant-Ray and I am a Christian Transformational Life Coach. Yes, that is a mouth full, isn't it? I have used my coaching training and my relationship with God to switch focus from changing a thought or action to true transformation. My focus is helping you find the optimum space for authentic transformation from the inside out. Put a magnifying glass up to the mundane cycle of your life that you sucked out passion while you seek out what you want. Rediscover who you really are and what you were put on this earth to do. Let go of the daily grind we all get stuck in. I continually challenge you to think outside of the box you were taught in. Together we seek a better way to become the best version of who you are. I do this through an 8- step process of shifting focus, investing in what you believe in, building a foundation that supports consistent positive growth. Finally, you will learn how to grow in the restful periods of life and then know when to move on to the next step. This transformational process gets you out of comfort zone and into your thriving zone. It is a wonderful and creative place that you need to visit daily. Together you and I will map out your thoughts in a way that works specifically for you. Let’s open your world to clear and vivid images that you can put into words. From those words you will find authentic self-expression; ultimately discovering your uniqueness and experience geniune truth and beauty.

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