Day 35

Good morning journey companion,

As I grow closer to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit I become acutely aware of my imperfections. I become aware of my sinful nature and even get a glimpse of root problems instead of trying to stop the symptoms.

Though I know I will never be perfect I am beginning to take comfort in knowing God made me exactly the way I need to be. My feelings of insecurities, doubts, and fears are only distractions from my purpose.

I had to sit with this last night and this morning. My emotions (feelings/thoughts) left me stranded on self-righteous island. I was alone with my own justifications of things and as soon as I became aware of it I was able to repent and ask God to show me His way. The thing is that it took me a couple of hours to become fully aware.

My thoughts are contaminated with seeds planted of lack of self worth, an inability to have an impact, people won’t understand me, I am not pretty enough, tall enough, smart enough, and the list really goes on.

As I pray for God to show me my identity in Him I begin to shed these things. I begin to walk in the fullness of me the good (because some of the seeds planted are true) I have accepted that I am not as smart as the next person, not as y’all and pretty as other women, I have even accepted people don’t understand me. I have realized that those things don’t define me. God defines me. So every time I fall I look to heaven and say God please pick me up.

My mind is completely blown when I shift my desire from pity to victory how God shifts from comforter to encourager. My feelings are skewed sometimes justified but mainly serving me in this season in a healthy way. They show me my lack and where God is filling in the gap.

Heavenly Father I praise you for who you are I rejoice in the transformation that You have done in my life. I am in awe of how time didn’t limit the work of your hands.

Father thank you for a community that has accepted all of me. The things I even struggle to accept. Thank you for giving me eyes to see my enemy and where You are bringing me.

Father I pray that we all are filled with your compassion to apply to our own lives. I pray we accept your grace and mercy as we learn your character and lean on your unfailing love.

I pray your will, your timing, your plan to be at the beginning middle and end of every story we ever tell about our lives. I pray for future generations to look back at us and know that there is a God of the universe that is fighting for them. I pray this and so much more in the mighty name of Jesus amen.

Published by Krys Grant-Ray

Hello, my name is Krys Grant-Ray and I am a Christian Transformational Life Coach. Yes, that is a mouth full, isn't it? I have used my coaching training and my relationship with God to switch focus from changing a thought or action to true transformation. My focus is helping you find the optimum space for authentic transformation from the inside out. Put a magnifying glass up to the mundane cycle of your life that you sucked out passion while you seek out what you want. Rediscover who you really are and what you were put on this earth to do. Let go of the daily grind we all get stuck in. I continually challenge you to think outside of the box you were taught in. Together we seek a better way to become the best version of who you are. I do this through an 8- step process of shifting focus, investing in what you believe in, building a foundation that supports consistent positive growth. Finally, you will learn how to grow in the restful periods of life and then know when to move on to the next step. This transformational process gets you out of comfort zone and into your thriving zone. It is a wonderful and creative place that you need to visit daily. Together you and I will map out your thoughts in a way that works specifically for you. Let’s open your world to clear and vivid images that you can put into words. From those words you will find authentic self-expression; ultimately discovering your uniqueness and experience geniune truth and beauty.

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