Day 37

Good morning journey companion,

Oh, what a night! I have been on a journey of refinement – I have been asking God to remove parts of my character that don’t serve me where He is taking me.

I didn’t understand that this prayer in totality mean God clean out my junk drawer where I put all my miscellaneous emotions, thoughts, insecurities, doubts, fears, and differed hopes.

Yesterday God went in the draw and started showing me my drawer filled with firecrackers and grenades. He simply shined a light in it. No judgement, no condemnation, just truth and love.

Salt and light is what God calls us. However, when my drawer is opened I am fireworks and grenades. I am hypersensitive to things. I feel all my emotions at once, I settle into the truth that I have little self control when I let go of God’s presence in my life.

My heart beings to react a pain that may not even be present, my mind starts looking for a justification of the feelings. The worst part is my mouth starts to speak without the filter of God.

Refine my character God. Crush me, break me, then transform me.

Today my prayer is that I am not walking around with my drawer open. I don’t want to expose people to my own hurts and hang ups that create a drama in their life they never knew was coming.

I pray for more compassion, grace, wisdom, love, and mercy toward others like what God gives me. I pray that in the refinement I don’t miss the lessons.

I pray for any misplaced or disconnected emotions fall to the ground and not bleed into healthy areas of my life.

Father God I ask for Your forgiveness for being prideful, for not being willing to forgive with an unconditional forgiveness. I as for forgiveness for not being able to let go, for not always honoring Your sons and daughters. Father God, King of kings, lord of lords, ruler of heaven and earth I pray for a mighty move of Your hand in my home and my health.

Father God open my eyes so I can see you clearly. I pray this prayer for every journey companion I have and every person that is seeking a deeper relationship with You. Their repentance is different but I pray that we all come to Your throne with a repentant heart filled with gratitude and thanksgiving.

We pray Your holy will in the mighty name of Jesus amen.

Published by Krys Grant-Ray

Hello, my name is Krys Grant-Ray and I am a Christian Transformational Life Coach. Yes, that is a mouth full, isn't it? I have used my coaching training and my relationship with God to switch focus from changing a thought or action to true transformation. My focus is helping you find the optimum space for authentic transformation from the inside out. Put a magnifying glass up to the mundane cycle of your life that you sucked out passion while you seek out what you want. Rediscover who you really are and what you were put on this earth to do. Let go of the daily grind we all get stuck in. I continually challenge you to think outside of the box you were taught in. Together we seek a better way to become the best version of who you are. I do this through an 8- step process of shifting focus, investing in what you believe in, building a foundation that supports consistent positive growth. Finally, you will learn how to grow in the restful periods of life and then know when to move on to the next step. This transformational process gets you out of comfort zone and into your thriving zone. It is a wonderful and creative place that you need to visit daily. Together you and I will map out your thoughts in a way that works specifically for you. Let’s open your world to clear and vivid images that you can put into words. From those words you will find authentic self-expression; ultimately discovering your uniqueness and experience geniune truth and beauty.

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