God keeps Hope Alive

Recently I worked with my son on his school project on the holocaust.  I am not going to lie, it was extremely frustrating because his generation is so far removed from this type of crime against humanity.  They only hear stories when they actually want to listen.  

I kept trying to explain points of compassion and the importance of being a great communicator.  Through the entire process there was a lot of frustration that my son would experience due to his lack of understanding that people could be so horrible.

In the midst of the conversation I realized that there was this guy Haman in the bible that also wanted to kill the Jews.  So we paused, watching and listening to the book of Esther.  The sanctity of human life is constantly positioned between emotions and levels of feeling set apart and superior to others.  

It went on for hours of conversations and expression of emotions and disappointments.  By the end I think we both understood and accepted that humanity is flawed, even ourselves. 

Then in that moment my son said – my thank God for hope.  It brought this song to mind.

As I listened “You keep hope” alive by Jon Reddick to it God reminded me that I am healing with hope… God keeps hope alive.  NO matter what we see happening on this earth we must trust that there is hope and a sovereign God who is saving us from ourselves.

Today my prayer is 

Father God please continue to restore hope to the moments that seem hopeless.  Ignite hope in the moments that we can struggle to keep our candle burning in our hearts toward you and your plans for us.  God please help us when we struggle being of this world and not of the Kingdom you have set apart for.  God please help us who have lost due to human frailty thinking that we are superior in any way shape or size.  Please forgive us for our ignorance in your sight.  God please help us love the way you love in the moments when we are struggling to love others please remind us how much you first loved us.  God as this world continues to become filled with anger and hatred please remind us of your love and your grace.  God we thank you for Jesus and his work on our behalf even in asking you to forgive us for we know not what we do.  I thank you Jesus for the wisdom and insight to pray for us when we were not of sound mind and body to pray for ourselves.  I thank you for your death, resurrection and ascension to be seated beside God in heavenly places.  I pray for myself, my son and all those who reach in the mighty name of Jesus amen.

Published by Krys Grant-Ray

Hello, my name is Krys Grant-Ray and I am a Christian Transformational Life Coach. Yes, that is a mouth full, isn't it? I have used my coaching training and my relationship with God to switch focus from changing a thought or action to true transformation. My focus is helping you find the optimum space for authentic transformation from the inside out. Put a magnifying glass up to the mundane cycle of your life that you sucked out passion while you seek out what you want. Rediscover who you really are and what you were put on this earth to do. Let go of the daily grind we all get stuck in. I continually challenge you to think outside of the box you were taught in. Together we seek a better way to become the best version of who you are. I do this through an 8- step process of shifting focus, investing in what you believe in, building a foundation that supports consistent positive growth. Finally, you will learn how to grow in the restful periods of life and then know when to move on to the next step. This transformational process gets you out of comfort zone and into your thriving zone. It is a wonderful and creative place that you need to visit daily. Together you and I will map out your thoughts in a way that works specifically for you. Let’s open your world to clear and vivid images that you can put into words. From those words you will find authentic self-expression; ultimately discovering your uniqueness and experience geniune truth and beauty.

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