Who is Krys Grant-Ray

Over the past 15 years, I have harnessed my ability to bring creativity into professional settings to transform a vision into an attainable mission driven by personal passions.  My vast knowledge of administration procedures, communication, team and community building, have been woven into the encouragement shared through my work.  I spends my days cultivating relationships in Hollywood, CA around the homeless services and food recovery industry. When I check out of work I spend time consulting executive leadership, management, and building support structures for local non-profits.


As a Christian Transformational Life Coach, I offer my expertise to organizations, groups, and individuals. I am passionate about my spiritual and human potential. Through my work, I help shine the light on other’s journey.  I have cultivated an individualistic way that leads my clients to inner inspiration, meaningful purpose, and passion to experience their full potential. I understands that life is full of possibilities!

My unique skills and faith-based life coaching techniques birth genuine passion in an encouraging, yet charismatic way. I use bible based strategies, practical goal setting techniques, mind mapping, action plans and celebratory moments of success helps every client get a win as they enter who they are becoming.

I thrive when I am assisting people through workshops, group and individual coaching to tap into their full personal power, inner strengths, natural talents, and skills to live a life filled with meaning, purpose, and passion.

Text Krys now for a free consultation and experience her for yourself 323-686-8516.

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