Progress are you a blessing or a burden!

Tonight I sat in church with my eyes filled with tears thinking…

Do I struggle with different aspects of life like most people?…

How different is my life really today than 3 weeks ago?! …

I wish that answer came as quickly as the questions.  Progress, I feel the changes happening, I see things moving, and I absolutely am beginning to second think the relationship.  It’s not easy, it’s scary, and sometimes fear speaks louder than you do.

One step at a time, one thought at a time, one emotion at a time, and then I arrive at the burden that I feel progress brings.

Reflection after reflection I begin to see the blessing that is progress.  It is not always about where I am going or how I am going there.  It is about who I am going with.  Progress you are my companion.  Progress you are my guide.  Progress I give you the burden so I can hold on to the blessing.

I am happy I met you progress.  I am sure this journey is going to be a delightful one.  I am interested to see where the paths take us.

Until the next curve.

Lots of love,



Comfort we need to break up!

Tonight comfort you knocked on my door again. You spoke all the words I needed to hear and the penetrated my heart.

My thoughts are challenging to navigate with all the emotions in the way. Comfort you always have a way of reminding me of how I felt, how I feel, and how I should feel.

Comfort you are so familiar and make me feel at home in the see of change. I know I need to make a choice but you give me happy moments.


Progress is pounding to come on in. With large deep eyes progress looks at me with a desire for adventure on this journey.

Progress shines a light on who I can be if I say yes. I have to let go of some things, I have to change my thinking, and I have to step out of what I know to be comfortable.

Once again I choose progress. I choose to let go of my comfort zone to become a better version of myself.

Comfort I have got to go. Progress… here I come.

Lots of love,


Progress are we dating?

For a few weeks I have been praying that I be refined and have an awakening.

At the intersection of comfort and progress I found all my insecurities, doubts, fears, and even lies I have told myself.

Progress you are intense yet intentional on your process. You keep giving me a taste of better things, things I could never imagine, and really desire.

Progress I am unsure how we are going to make this work since my comfort zone has allowed me the space to put my dreams on hold.

Progress I want a deeper relationship with you but also wake up with a bit of fear in my heart.

Progress let’s take it one day at a time and go on this journey. Take my hand and show me the next step to the master plan.

Thank you progress for pursuing me. Until we meet again.

sincerely yours,


Comfort is the enemy of progress!

Four years ago I got fired from a job I gave everything to. I sacrificed my marriage, watching my son grow up, and even who I am. My efforts to build a business for someone who never ever valued what I am.

I flashed back to all my failures! The entrepreneur journey and as an employee seemed to pile up to not good enough for anything.

All of a sudden unqualified, defeated, and unworthy kept whispering into the fabric of who I am. Enraged by so many emotions I declared…

‘I would never be fired again by anyone!’

I was determined to be different but I really didn’t know how. I decided to go back to school and get a trade. So, I did want most people do and began to train to become a life coach.

Unlike most people, I wasn’t sure this was what I can actually do. I went through course after course while working a part time job. Stuck on the idea of one day breaking free from the 9-5 building other’s dreams bondage.

I struggled. All the insecurities I had seemed to rise to the top. I failed, I underperformed, and I was extremely frustrated. How was I going to change my life’s direction if I couldn’t even grasp simple concepts that even the most mundane people seem to get paid for?!

I allowed myself to be an employee because of my shortcomings. I was comfortable getting a guaranteed paycheck and feeling like I don’t have to always bring my ‘A game’.

The journey was torture to my soul. It was a daily battle to see my worth, what I bring to any situation, and to the lives of those I associate with.

Finally, it seemed like I got kicked out of comfort’s house once again by being fired from a coaching job I was so proud to get.

I kept staying in comfort zones, playing in comfort’s backyard, and eating comfort’s lies. Then it hit me…I have more power than I give myself credit for.

Last year I broke up with comfort. It is really difficult, because comfort always wants to remind me of the good times we had and how we can be great again.

However, progress is showing me a thrill of a lifetime. Nothing could be more unpredictable and unnerving while being exciting.

Progress has taught me that it can’t live in the same place comfort lives. I am grateful for the lessons you teach me progress and look forward to celebrating more with you.

Love always,



It is becoming extremely apparent that identity is being challenged at every level.

Who am I?

Who was I?

Who will I become?

These are questions we ask ourselves and each other.  We strive for the answers that validate us and give us purpose most of all comfort.  We fear we won’t measure up, we won’t be good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and well you know that list of things you allow to take up space in your head.

Today I sit in my bed and pray for those who struggle as much if not more than me with the WHO I AM…  It a breeding ground for people to plant seeds that don’t belong in our head.  So I wrote a mantra for myself.

I am Krys Grant-Ray, I am a child of God.  I AM…Who God says I am. I was made in HIS image which means I harness love and spread love to all those that I encounter.    I am a gift that this world is blessed to have.  I treasure my life and am excited for the journey that I am given.  I am the daughter of the highest King, which makes me royalty.  My imperfections are made perfect in His sight.

I want to encourage you to look within not at the things you have done but who you are.  Find your identity in those things.  You are love, peace, joy, kindness, and so much more.  Embrace it and grow.

Love is in me, but is it ME?

It’s become extremely apparent to me that I show love to people in an authentic and transparent way.  My struggle lately has been getting vulnerable.  Showing the layer of myself that allows the ugly cry to be the best most telling part of me.

I struggle getting to even get vulnerable with myself to see where I need to work on.  I prayed to God everyday to show me where I need help, how I need to grow, and who can support me doing it.

This meant that I had to not just get vulnerable with God and myself but also in my community.  I had to share my secrets not just the details I felt ok to share but also the ones that were hard to share.  I struggled, I even failed at times.  I felt shame, guilt, and an inability to meet my own expectations.

I got tired of superficial friendships I got tired of feeling like people were judging me on such a deep and profound way that I couldn’t recover from.  I imagined that people talking about me behind my back about my ways of thinking and my feelings that I began to isolate myself on a deep level even though I would connect on the surface.  I prayed, cried, and even began to stretch myself.

I am not saying I made it and that it’s been an easy road.  I can say that the best part of loving myself is allowing myself to get really uncomfortable and coming back to a place of humility that leads me to understand love not just for others but for myself also.

I found loving me means being patient and kind to myself.  Learning not to wish I had other’s experiences and be ok with the ones God has given me.  I learned to honor other people and how they deal with things, I learned to let things go and rejoice.  I don’t get jealous and compare myself anymore.  This is the way I have learned to love myself.  It’s a process and it takes a reminding daily sometimes even moment to moment but it’s absolutely worth it.


Till next time…embrace your journey.  God’s love abounds everywhere if you just look for it.


Krys Grant-Ray

Christian Transformational Lifecoach

The first touch

The phone rang and there was an unexpected anticipation of what was to come.  I did it, I signed with my first health coach to figure out what was going on with my body.  I had been living in California for about 2 years and the holistic way seemed the best.

This was my first experience having someone not only guide me with the food I put in my body but also how I connected it back to God’s written word and spoken promises.  During the course of our conversations, every month without fail she would encourage me to ask God what is my path, restore His vision to me and to know who I was created to be in the sight of God.  It was hard for me to hear more often than not. Left me in tears, my mind wondering and ultimately leading me to a stronger relationship with God.

Though our time together didn’t last long she enhanced my life more than anyone could ever imagine.  She helped me answer God’s call for me to help usher people in a similar way.  I help you with your spiritual health, your relationship with yourself, God and those around you.  It’s not by mistake that you found my page.

I truly believe that there is something God is revealing to you in this stage of your life that you aren’t confident about.  Let me encourage you to speak life over yourself not death.  Find ways to uplift the moments instead of tearing them down.  If you find that this is hard and you need some external encouragement please go to my contact page and sign up for a free chat.

We were not meant to do life alone and my goal is to build a community that everyone that enters feels the safety they need to be who they are designed to be.  I am not for everyone though and I understand that.  Let me pray for you…

Heavenly Father, I stand in awe of your majesty.  The wonders that your hands have created leave me breathless.  I pray for everyone that visits this website has an encounter with you.  I pray that they begin to feel heaven on earth in their situation, I pray that they begin to desire a relationship with you in a new way.  Lord, I thank you so much for all the things that you have done for them both seen and unseen.  We submit our will to yours in gratitude for all you do.  In Jesus mighty name we pray…Amen.