Lights, Camera, Action

Life happens no matter what you plan!

There comes a point in your life when you make a choice of who you are going to be. If you don’t make a choice about it you think you some how are being careful. Honestly that is making a choice as well.

I spent a lot of my life wanting to prove I deserved every opportunity given to me. On that journey I lost who I really was. It was my own form people pleasing which pushed me professionally but killed me personally.

As I approach 40 I realize that the things that killed me are the things I will use to bring me back to life. I am boldly stepping onto some new paths. I don’t need to prove anything now…I am unapologetic about who God made me and why.

I am not always the best version of myself but I am constantly working at it. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. I will show you some paths that worked and others that literally broke me.

Until next time. Peace, love and happiness.

18 Days and counting

It’s not easy being resilient…actually I would say it’s what separates the art of curving and thriving.

As I am approaching 40 I realize that there are so many lives that I have lived. So many lessons that I have learned but the best part is looking at all the failures that got me to this win.

I wish I could say I got really good at making decisions but the truth is I got really good at trusting God had a better plan for me than I could ever have for myself. I realized that though I am a cool person when I cling to God I become a really cool person…even almost amazing. My heart grows, my patience is present and well I am just really a ball of love.

As I go on this journey toward 40 I am so excited to take you with me. It’s not about a highlight reel honestly it’s about the stuff in between.

Where ever you are on your journey I want to encourage you to trust God.

Emotions to Devotions

Good evening journey companions,

It’s been a little over a month since I have posted after a streak of posting consistently. The truth is that this pandemic has me devoted to spending time with God and not shaming myself into writing blog posts, doing podcasts, recording YouTube videos or anything other than being intentional about spending time with God.

I write this with a heavy heart, eyes filled with tears and truly messy words. I had a super reflective weekend that was filled with people, great conversation, truth, love and community. It’s been over 6 months since I spent a weekend around people at this magnitude.

I was desperate for this…I found myself grateful God called me to California. Not because the transition has been easy but it has taught me so much. I write with a broken heart because I was so hard headed like those Israelites that God got out of Egypt but couldn’t get Egypt out of them.

I look over my shoulder often waiting to be rejected so much these days because life has been so good the past month that I don’t know how to accept the blessing. Pandemic, isolation and insulation has created a huge eye opening moment for me that life is best lived with others.

Courage sometimes skips a generation…Thank you for bringing it back to our family. – The Help Movie

I leave you with this my dear journey companion – life is short don’t leave lessons just because they cost too much. Your emotional state is as important as your spiritual one. God isn’t through with you and the journey gets better.

always building community,

Krys Grant-Ray

Day 53

Good morning journey companion,

So grateful that God gives foresight, insight, and hindsight. I am grateful for community.

I have been on this journey and I many health issues ranging from mental to physical. This morning I prepare to trust God in yet another deeper situation.

Today I pray for you and your journey. I pray you continue to follow God’s steps and listen for His words. Step by step find Him in the midst of your day.

Father God I pray that there is healing in every area. I pray for the process of cleansing be from the inside out.

I pray God’s glorious will mighty name of Jesus amen.

Always building community,

Krys Grant-Ray

Day 52

Good morning journey companion,

This has been a tough week. Lots and lots of moving parts. Relationships sustained me though.

The peace and place I find myself in is being ok with not being ok. Accepting the full understanding that God does not need my help but I need His has been so comforting.

I am navigating life differently than ever before. I don’t sit around and plan things, I don’t try to figure out next steps. I literally ask God what’s happening here and how do I respond.

I pray as you navigate the rest of your week you take comfort in God’s plan. I pray that you seek Him before making your own plans. I pray that you find peace in Him.

I pray for you to also stay in community and surround yourself with other people seeking to have a Christ centered life. I pray big bold prayers for you in the mighty and glorious name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Day 51

Good morning journey companion,

I am completely focused on the power of divine connection. My connection to the holy trinity gives me a source of power and strength I don’t have alone.

Through my relationship and willingness to always say yes I find myself changing the atmosphere of the world around me. Yesterday I realized that not only can I change it for good but I can also tilt it off balance.

My emotions have been having a field day. I am proud to say I haven’t had an anxiety attack in over forty days but I am constantly reminded by the stories on my head that I can potentially unravel again.

When I encounter experiences that mirror my past and react different my mind lies to me. It tells me I can’t handle this if I don’t behave a certain way. There is a power struggle to have the human emotion and having the spiritual connection.

I have to constantly remind myself to bow down and worship God, cast my cares on Jesus, rebuke the idea that who I am growing to be can’t be sustained and really keep my relationship with God the center of everything.

I don’t know the ins and outs of your journey. I do know that there is only one God who can rewrite the stories we tell ourselves. I use to be an unstable bottle of emotions like a coke bottle with mentos I would explode when shaken.

The peace that God has given me allows me to breathe and relax in the comfort of knowing God doesn’t need my help to iron out the situation and that my desire for relationship with Him makes all things better.

Father God – I pray for a peace that surpasses our human understanding that is rooted in Your love and truth. I pray for moments that we can distill our thoughts to focus only on God being the center of everything.

I pray that God is what we worship and we lay everything at His feet. I pray that we exhale His name on high and have reverence for the glory He brings. I pray that as we draw near to God it’s a pure desire to know Him better and be refined in the spirit.

I pray that you are able to remember who you were in your past but accept the transformation God is doing in your future. I pray you are able to let go and let God.

When you enter God’s presence I pray He also surrounds you with people here on earth to help you and guide you. I pray for you from the bottom of my heart to have a relationship with God that runs so deep and so wide it’s uncontainable and becomes the transformational life line that you can track all the days of your life.

I pray God’s mighty will over power your desires and keeps you obedient to Him. I pray that your surrender to God is unwavering in every situation. I pray that you see the work God is doing, has done, and continues to do in your life.

I pray for your job, your commute to and from work, I pray for every encounter you have to be a reflection of how God is moving in your life bringing forth a testimony of how gentle and loving God is in every moment of our lives. I pray all these prayers and so much more in the mighty name of Jesus amen.

Day 50

Good morning journey companion,

Yesterday God convicted me about how I have been reacting to situations at work. I have been given an opportunity to really be an asset to my job it’s honestly a gift.

I recently let other people’s feelings about how I do my job stop me from doing what I know I was called to do. I began grumbling and moaning about petty things I prayed about it and realized I God is also working some stuff out for other people at work.

I sat at my desk with a heavy heart because I was expecting people to behave one way when they aren’t me so they wouldn’t. God showed me that the differences are what make my job special. Validation is real – we all need it. Where we get it is truly the most important.

I am quickly approaching a year at this job and I have filled so many gaps and stepped up so many times I secretly desired to have a thank you. The horrible part is the secret was a secret even to me on many levels. As God was giving me revelation about where I was He brought to light the little girl in me that needed so bad to be validated in something, anything so she knew she belonged.

I wasn’t aware that I was in desperate need of human validation. It really made me look at other areas of my life and ask God to search all of me to cleanup this mess.

I laid in my bed crying at the truth that I am still in bondage over some things. I am still like a restricted child that needs more love and attention to thrive. It honestly was a painful awakening. My heart posture became I must repent. God please forgive me. But also it became how do I not continue this pattern because it becomes self destructive.

Heavenly Father please help us stay focused on Your work and Your plan. Please remind us to only seek Your validation in situations.

Father God search us continually and remove the things that You didn’t place in us. God in our weakness You are our strength. Please lord forgive me for dishonoring the work You have begun. Please forgive me for valuing human validation more than Your validation. God please help me accept Your validation and be filled with peace in those moments.

Father God I pray for my journey companion also – as they are going about their day I pray they are lavished with Your validation and accept it as the best.

I pray Your mighty will in and around our lives in the glorious name of Jesus Christ amen.

Day 49

Good morning journey companion,

Last night God manifested Himself in the most unexpected way. He used my husband – I guess I knew at some point my husband would be the vessel just didn’t know when.

Yesterday I found myself speaking with our son about my five year plan. I was extremely devoted to having this manifest in my life. Immediately my husband co-signs on my effort to do this. He was supportive and seemingly as excited about this next step as I was.

My heart leaped out of my chest and began praising God. See this seems like a no big deal to the naked eye but the truth is I am and have been living a surrendered life to be God’s vessel and my plan involves digging deeper into God’s work for me. The support of my husband means everything. It proves that God is working on the inside. Though I can see it I know God is there.

See I prayed some prayers ten years ago for God to manifest Himself in our family. To wipe away our janky beginning and create a beautiful story for us. Yes it has been painful and difficult but oh Father God so worth it.

My husband hasn’t given his life to Christ yet but it’s coming I can feel it in the spiritual realm. God is in His heart.

Point of this is as soon as I stoped pushing my husband to come to church things and be apart of our life that way he began to desire to know more about what Maven and I do there each Sunday. He is becoming curious. Through the curiosity I find God unfolding some wisdom for him and opening his heart a bit.

I don’t know who you are praying for to come to God but I promise you God has a time line that will surprise you. Pray and let God be God.

Heavenly Father Your glory is shining so bright on the earth. Please give us eyes to see Your work. Father God for those that we are praying to be close to You please hear the prayers.

Father God thank You for including us in Your perfect will. Thank You for using imperfect people to spread Your word and hold You close to our heart.

Father God thank You for knowing all things. I pray your mighty will for Your children to find You. I praise You now for the work unseen and still to come, I rejoice now my songs of praise will reach the heavens as we know the victory has already be won. I pray this in the mighty and glorious name of Jesus Christ amen.

Day 48

Good evening journey companion,

I am sitting in awe of God.  He has taken me on a journey to expose who I truly am with people I may have never chosen for myself.

I have experienced extreme vulnerability, transparency, and authenticity through relationship not only with God but in community with humans.

40 days of my prayer circle journey has come and gone in a blink of an eye.  I am still moved by the moments I have been blessed to share.  I can’t say that everything in my circle has come to pass. I can say that God has opened my eyes to His work in the circle.

Though the 40 days are over.  I am still continuing to press into community as well as deeper relationship with God there are still revelations and truths that I feel called to share.

I am writing because as my journey continues I feel compelled to share it, however if you are not interested in receiving these please let me know.

I pray that where ever God is taking you on your journey that you find God’s truth and revelations in your life that allows you to grow in Him and community.  

Love you and grateful that we did this journey together.  

Praying for an amazing week a head and keep looking for God in the details of your life.

Day 47

Good morning journey companion,

Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson – it’s one that will forever change my life.

I am grateful my sinful nature is not yours. I am sharing an extremely intimate part of who I am in this moment. This is a difficult message to send.

God highlighted for me that I live in a poverty mindset (which contradicts the abundant lifestyle I thought I believed with my whole heart). Ugh… can you imagine how hard that was for me.

Last night I went on what some would call a shopping spree. I brought lots of things – justifiable purchases but not all that I needed at the same time. I guess it was retail therapy – I usually buy nothing for myself and stuff for everyone else. This time I purchased mostly for myself and some for my family.

I have been blessed with an amazing job almost a year ago which changed my paycheck to paycheck living to having a little financial peace. I know it was God that made this provision for me and I am grateful.

Unfortunately, I didn’t show my gratitude with consistent tithing, or by being a blessing to others on a larger scale. I actually experienced a lot of health and relational issues around the same time that requires me to see doctors on a regular basis. My financial peace quickly got lost in the shuffle of life.

I received an additional payment yesterday for a job I did and literally it burned through my wallet and I kept spending. It was like a instant comfort in my current world of discomfort to spend freely without thought or care.

This morning I sit with buyers remorse. I sit here trying to figure out how to go from this poverty state of spending money as soon as I get it to feeling empowered to save, pay off stuff and even do things that have a lasting impact.

I ask for God’s forgiveness in this area. I feel like an Israelite taken out of Egypt but Egypt is still in me. I remember what it was like to not be able to go in a store and buy anything for a lot of my adulthood. I got stuck in this moment that created a huge learning lesson for me. I need to invite God strongly into my finances not because I need more of it but because I need more obedience and honoring of it.

The Bible says confess your sins to one another. This is my sin, I struggle with money. I don’t worship it, I don’t chase it, or anything like that. But I also don’t respect it as a vessel to get me from point a to be or as the blessing it is that God has given me.

I now realize a part of me spent away a down payment of a dream because of fear if I am completely honest looking back at it. I am not proud that I struggle with this but I am grateful I am in a place in my life that God quickly brought it to my attention and helped me see differently.

My prayer today is not just one of forgiveness but one of gratitude. Father God thank You for showing me my weakness and giving me a chance to surrender it to You.

I pray that as we all deal with our sinful nature we are able to sit at Your feet without shame and guilt. I am humbled that You chose to show me where I am weaker than I thought. God please help me in the area of financial and my mentality around it. Help me not have a poverty mindset. Help me not be focused on my lack and show me where I am abundant.

Father God I pray that as You continue to open our eyes that we are bold enough and courageous enough to take steps out of our Egypt and into our promise land. I pray this and so much more in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.