Krys’ Coaching Approach

Christians and non-Christians alike have found success with my coaching approach.  I knows that each journey requires individualization to achieve the destination desired.

Once you enter an agreement with me, I will begin to take you on a journey that can span from 3 months or 9 months depending on the destination desired.

My objective for you is to receive healthy support, clear guidance, transparent communication, and a sounding board.

I encourages you to always use your best judgment when making choices.

I clearly defines roles between me as a coach and you as the person being coached by setting clear expectations,  discussing work that needs to be done as a guide to the next step and by affirming your ability to do what you decided.

Below I shares my basic practice with every client.

Overview: Your coaching sessions will always look different from someone else I have coached.  We are individuals living lives in unity.  Your coaching journey should reflect your uniqueness in approaching the demands on your life and your desire to reach your fullest potential.

Getting to Know You: I believes that knowing who you are gets you half way to knowing who you will become.  There is a lot of conversation around me getting to know you, identifying patterns in your life that have helped you, and carving out space to grow through the power of questions.

Agree on a Journey:  I will dig further into your WHY.  This guides the steps for the journey.  Together we will agree on what is realistic, get specific, and look for potential blind spots.

Build Your Map:  I will help you map out the journey.  There is more than one way to take a journey so together we will discuss the different steps that could be taken toward your desired destination.  You will be put in the driver’s seat to see the potholes, roadblocks, detours, and even road closures of the journey.  I will help you create your own resource and tools to get you from Point A to Point B.

Check-In: I am all about this part – the check-in.  It’s critical to your journey.  Just like a car needs oil and engine checks so do you.  Often times we go off the path we desired because we run low of fuel or are completely empty.  Your check-ins are designed to keep you running at full capacity on your journey.

Celebrate Milestones: I encourage you to celebrate the steps in your journey.  Not everyone can take the journey you are taking and that is worth celebrating.  This gives you space to reflect on the things you have overcome and accomplished.   You are worth celebrating.

Discuss Progress: I want to see you succeed on your journey.  Progress is marked by many things and it’s important to document them all.  Everything from wins to what you may call failures, you will discuss in a safe and judgement free environment.

Look to the future:  I know that no one can stay where they are.  Time to look to the future and see where the journey is taking you.  Do you still need support moving forward or have you gotten to a place where you are comfortable to journey on your own.

Lastly, remember everyone is different, works differently, receives information differently, and makes choices differently.  It’s important to give yourself space to really go on a journey that will help you grow.  It’s not always about comparing, sometimes it’s just about sharing.

Be gentle with yourself the journey isn’t over in a lot of ways it’s just beginning.

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